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Sutton On Sea Bowls Club

Sutton On Sea Bowls.

"Try Before You Join" Sessions
Wednesday or Saturday at 2 pm when Sutton on Sea Bowls members play a friendly roll up and you can join in. 
We have shoes and bowls that you can borrow. Contact Us.
Sutton On Sea Bowls

Sutton on Sea Bowls Membership.

To find out more about the Suton On Sea Bowls membership come to our next coffee morning on Wednesday at 10 am. 
Magician Watch The Ball Automata

The Automata Maker.

When looking for the magic of automatons, you will find the very best by visiting Trevor The Automata Maker turning wood into a magical place.
AI Robot Man

Crafting In Metal.

Metal-designed items are all handcrafted by Crafting In Metal please take a look to see Chris's latest pieces which he loves to make.

The Bird Whittler.

The Bird Whittler, Give him a Stanley knife, and a block of wood (lime) then ask him to whittle you a lifelike songbird.

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