How To Create A Website From Scratch.

Create a website from scratch that allows you to showcase your ideas, business, or personal brand to the world Here is a guide to help you create a website
Free website creating tool
How To Create A Website From Scratch
Use a drag-and-drop free website-creating tool with a range of mobile–friendly free themes.

How To Create A Website From Scratch.

1. Define Your Purpose:
Is your business going to be a blog, portfolio, or an online store? Knowing your goal will give you a good starting point.

2. Choose a Domain Name:
Select a domain name that reflects your website's purpose and don't make it too long.

3. Register Your First Domain:
Use a domain registrar that gives you an affordable domain together with a shared website hosting package.

4. Select a Hosting Provider:
Choose a web hosting provider to store your website's files and upload any type of document using simple drag ’n’ drop actions, manage all the settings of your domains and websites from just a single place, transfer and register multiple domain names, create and control numerous electronic mail accounts, control email marketing campaigns, set up databases, get SSL Certificates to protect you.

5. Create a Logo
Design a logo that represents your business and get it ready to place it prominently on your website.

6. Choose a Website Creating Tool:
Consider using a 
free website creating tool to create a website from scratch and you can do that with this user-friendly, drag-and-drop tool.

7. Practice Designing Your Website First:
Use a drag-and-drop free website-creating tool with a large range of 
mobile–friendly easy to use free themes.

8. Create Content:
Start adding pages and content to your website.

Free website creating tool

9. Optimize for SEO:
Implement SEO practices by using the tools and adding relevant keywords in your content, meta descriptions, and alt tags for images.

10. Add Plugins and Extensions:
Enhance your website's functionality by installing 
web application installers plugins or extensions. For Website Builder, you can find plugins for SEO and security in the control panel.

11. Test your Website:
Ensure your website looks and works on all devices and browsers and is a responsive design for a great user experience.

12. Set Up Analytics:
Set up and use analytics tools to track all website traffic and find out about your user behavior, and other important metrics.

13. Secure Your Website:
Use the available tools and strong passwords to protect your website from cyber threats.

14. Set Up Social Media links:
Link your website to your social media profiles using the tools within your website package for sharing and promotion.

15. Add a Blog (if needed):
A blog can help engage and boost your SEO. Write and publish informative article content.

16. Add Contact Forms:
Create a friendly contact form to make it easy for visitors to get in touch.

17. Launch Your New Website:
Once you're satisfied with your new website, it is time to publish it for the world to see.

18. Submit Your Website to Search Engines:
Use Google Search Console to submit your website for indexing. This will help your new website appear in search engine results.

19. Promote Your Website:
Use various marketing tools like social media promotion, YouTube, email marketing, and search engine optimization to drive traffic to your new website.

20. Backup Your New Website:
Implement website backups to protect your website's data in case something goes wrong. just head over to your 
web control panel and from here you get full access.

Creating a website from scratch requires the right tools and guidance, you can successfully build and maintain a professional looking and effective website online with the correct website tools and support. Remember that creating a website is an ongoing process that involves meeting your goals and your customer's needs.

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Free website creating tool

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