How do I build my own list?

How to build my own list
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How do i build my own list?

Whether you are offering an ebook or video course you must show people that you understand their problems and can offer them a solution. When you've accomplished this, growing your list of prospects will never be a problem again.

Have an offer that makes them want to join.
Ask yourself why should someone want to join your list. 
Remember What's in it for them? 
To grow your list of customers, you must develop an offer that makes joining your list a no-brainer.
Learning how to market on the Internet is one of the most powerful skills that most businesses can achieve.

Here are a few tools that can help you.
So now you understand the importance of mailing lists, the next question is how you go about building one of your own. Essentially, you are going to need two things: a website and an autoresponder

Most businesses will already have a website of some kind, but in case you don’t I take a look at Hosting at Good Web Business.

You can get an all-in-one package for about £4.95 per month and with this, you have the added advantage of an easy-to-use panel where every you require is at hand.

Next, up you will require an autoresponder
An autoresponder meanwhile, is a piece of software that will allow you to collect email addresses and then manage them along with the messages that you choose to send out. This is something that you simply can’t do without if you plan on building and using a large mailing list.

Imagine for a moment that you have a mailing list that you are managing manually that has over 1,000 subscribers. Every day, new people are signing up, and old people are leaving. Simply responding to every request to unsubscribe and then removing that person from your mailing list would start to become a full-time job! Autoresponders handle all these types of things for you.

So your autoresponder can be used for
Thank You Messages.
Scheduling Messages.
Follow Up Messages.
Sales Funnel/Sequence.
Sending batch emails.
We are collecting details via a form.
Integrating with a website/social media profile.
 Double opt-ins.
Monitoring open rates etc.
Scheduling messages.

I hope by now you have taken advantage and got your autoresponder, and you have created an opt-in form that you can begin directing traffic toward. Great!

Getting people to sign up.
The next step is to make sure that the people who land on your page and see your opt-in form go ahead and sign up.
So you need to place your opt-in form on every single page of your website or blog. 
But what is going to drive sign-ups is your “squeeze page.” This is a page on a website that has a singular goal: to get people to join a mailing list. 

Addressing their Concerns.
You should also address any concerns that your readers might have on their minds.
Using Incentives.
Free giveaways that you are going to use to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list.
The Quality of Your Brand.
What encourages someone to sign up to your mailing list for the right reasons, will be their experiences with your brand before this point. 

Drive Subscribers To Your List.
Create a squeeze page – use a web page with no external links. 
Promote with PPC potentially.
Embed your form into your sidebars/around your site.
Create a great free blog where you demonstrate the kind of value you will be offering via the mailing list.
Talk about your mailing list regularly in your other content.
Make it sound exciting – refer to subscribers as “VIPs” 
Offer a freebie called a “lead magnet” or incentive
Don’t make it too good or you risk only attracting people who want free stuff! 
Make the emails themselves the incentives.
Create a newsletter.
Or offer discounts/news.

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Writing emails that get opened.
No matter how good your email marketing is and no matter how engaging your subject headings are, you are not going to have much luck getting buyers and building a relationship with your fans if no one ever sees or opens your messages.

The first important key is to avoid using marketing language. Words like ‘buy’ and other related terms.

Finally getting people to your optin page.
Now that you have your squeeze page and you know how to write amazing emails that stay out of the spam folders, your final hurdle is getting people to the squeeze page.

You always pay for advertising which is a quick way but there are several free ways to get people to find your list and you could use some of the following

Run a Blog.
Web Design.
Competitions, Giveaways, And Tools.
Use a Pop-Over.
Use a blog combined with SEO.
Design your site to “point” at your opt-in form/squeeze page.
Give something away as a limited deal.
Collect emails in person.
 Provide some kind of service.
Add a pop-over.

Hopefully, now you see that it is extremely possible to build a large and extremely targeted list. 
You can accomplish this by having a website.
Get an autoresponder (free get it here) to create an opt-in form, including double opt-in and spam filter. 
Create a squeeze page that you use to convince people to sign up. 
Combine this with an incentive.
Write great content, making sure to mention your mailing list regularly. 
Write amazing emails that people love reading and add a competition or deal! 
And that is all there is to it you can build a massive and (more importantly) highly TARGETED list. All without spending much money!

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Thank you from Good Web Business.
Hope you found our Good Web Business tips helpful and please come back as we will be adding more!

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