How To Buy A Domain Name.

In today's video, I will show you how to buy a domain name for your business in easy to follow steps and also find a domain suggestion tool if you are stuck.

Updated April 27th 2024
How to buy a domain name
How To Buy A Domain Name
By following this video you will see the best domain name to buy.

Domain Questions and Answers

Find below common question and answers about how to buy a domain name
When you have a website the domain name acts as a place where people can find you.

Here are two examples
The domain name is like when you live in a house with a house number and people know the address and where to find you.

So if you think of your domain name this is like a web address and this is where people can locate your website.
It tells customers about your business and where they can find you online.

Here is an example
Your domain needs to represent who you are, so let's say an example is you are selling crafts online and you have got a particular wooden product to sell then that is our customer can find you.
You need to find a domain that will connect with the business you are building online.

Here is an example
So let's say that you are an accountant so your best pick for a good domain name would have keywords associated with the accountant in the domain also the domain should be short and match the product that you are promoting.
There are lots of different domains from which you can choose so an example could be for a wood crafter

Remember to check if your domain ideas are available and you can use this domain suggestion tool
You can buy a domain from companies like Good Web Business Hosting, 123 reg, Siteground, GoDaddy,
Domains do vary in cost and each company has its price range I would suggest you always check the price of a domain for the first year because you find the leading domain sellers tend to attract you with a low price in the first year but then increase it in the second year
If you buy more than one domain extension this is a way of protecting your business brand and stopping others from registering the same domains that are like yours.
It can be very helpful in finding different domains.

Here is an example.
Let us say you have found a domain name but after looking to register it you find that someone has beat you to it and purchased it, you can go to a domain name suggestion tool and search for other domains that have got your main domain but with added words to form another domain.
Yes, domain names can be moved from one domain company to another and this can be done with a code.
When you register your domain name you have the option to hide your personal information and this can be done with privacy protection, your own personal or business info, including your name, email, and home address, will be replaced with fictional details.
Yes, that is possible you can easily manage numerous domain names from one single place. You can also gain access to a set of DNS controls and will be able to modify domains
Also if you have a cloud hosting account, you can administer both your domain names and your websites from just one location
You can park the domain name under Construction or For Sale. Good Web Business Hosting intelligent system will park your domain name straight away and if you want to unpark it, this can be done with a mouse click.
If you want to add a touch to the parking themes, you can also embed a custom message.

Another option is to set up your website, I can offer help with this using our simple to use website creating tool and then you also have the option to create email addresses matching your domain and lots more.

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