The Bird Whittler.

The Bird Whittler, Give him a Stanley knife, and a block of wood (lime) then ask him to whittle you a lifelike songbird.

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Introduction The Bird Whittler journey started many years ago it is 38 years and where has that time gone, I don’t know. Many customers ask how I started and that is all down to a friend whom I visited one day, he had on his mantle a carved wren. I can remember to this day how beautiful it was and all done from wood. I just kept looking at it and admiring the details and workmanship that had gone into it.

 “You can do it” encouraged my friend. After he told me it was easy to do and convinced me I had the skill because I had a love for birds and was into wood, how could I not do it? 
How I began My friend decided to convince me that I could also make a wren just like his masterpiece and sent me off with the wren, a wren wood block, his expensive carving tools, and instructions on how to hold it in a vice then just chip away following his example.
Making the Wren After placing the small wren in a very big vice I went to work with his chisels and began chipping away at the bird. I did not find it easy on such a small piece of wood and then after taking it out of the vice I proceeded to hold the bird and using the chisel's free hand I learned very quickly to take care because I slipped and just missed losing a finger. I decided to look in my toolbox to see what other tools could do the job and found a Stanley knife. I found I had far more control and removing the wood became a lot easier. I found that I produced, even if I say it myself, a beautiful looking Wren.   
Judgement Day! I was excited after making the Wren but on arrival at my friend’s I began doubting myself and what he would say, but he was full of praise and then asked me how I had gone with making the wren and if I had looked after his expensive chisels. I decided to tell him the truth that I had only used a Stanley knife, but then had to show him how I did it and his next comment was “bloody hell do you mean I could have done it with a Stanley knife and not spent £500 on a load of chisels!” which even today it still puts a smile on my face and all my customers.   

Back then and today The Bird Whittling hobby continues from back then with other friends liking birds I whittled and then their friends of friends buying them. Today and some 36 years later a hobby has now grown into a business where whittled birds are sold all around the world, and customers can now purchase whittled or hand painted birds. There is also a year’s waiting list, lessons online, whittling kits, and many students from around the world enjoying their new hobby of whittling.
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The latest birds are being whittled.
Wren (For Sale)
Goldfinch (Reserved)
Great Tit (SOLD)
Nuthatch (SOLD)
Robin (Reserved)
Kingfisher (SOLD)
 Jay (Sold) 
 Blue Tit (Reserved)   
This Whittled Greenfinch is a beautiful piece. It has taken many hours of whittling and careful painting to show its distinctive feathers. Finally, added to its natural wood mount it looks so lifelike you could mistake it for a real Greenfinch.

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All the birds are whittled with a Stanley Knife from a block of lime and then hand painted. (Click on for larger images)